Piano Compass

Piano Compass

"Music Minutes"

Online Music Program for kids 3 to 5-year old

Learning Piano or any other music instrument is a process. The process can be short, if your child wants to learn a song or two for an upcoming birthday. Or...

It can be a lifetime journey full of adventure and discoveries!

"Music Minutes" program opens a door into an exciting World of Music and makes piano learning fun for your 3 to 5-year old kid.

"Music Minutes" is Level 1 program for young beginners. 

Level 1 Program Details

"Piano Time"

Online Piano Lessons for kids 5 to 8-year old 

This is Level 2 program best suitable for children who have completed Level 1 "Music Minutes" lessons.

It's also for kids who learned some piano before, but didn't like the experience or haven't seen enough progress. 

At "Piano Time" lessons children get a well-rounded piano education. 

Each lesson has 4 parts that build music skills in...

Level 2 Program Details

How to Start a Child in Piano

Parents frequently ask these questions:

What is the best age to start a child in piano?

Can a 3-year old learn piano?

How do I teach my toddler piano?

Is my 7-year old too old to learn piano? 

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One Element that Changes Everything

Piano Books for Beginners

It all begins with a spark of curiosity...

For 30+ years of teaching piano to the students of various ages and levels, I haven't met a toddler who wasn't curious to find out who the TUNEimals™ are. 

Even a very shy kid gets thrilled and engaged when I invite them to build a Piano Town and meet with the TUNEimals™.  

With the TUNEimals™ children learn piano keys and play their first Piano Songs.

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Music Games

for Kids

Young children learn best in a playful environment. It's amazing to watch how fast kids pick up new concepts playing educational games.  

The best known educators & teachers - Maria Montessori, Emile Jaques-Dalcroze, Pyotr Stolyarsky (to name a few) used games to teach important concepts to our youngest.

Build up your child’s natural gifts by playing educational music games. 

Free Music Games Here

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Build up your child's gifts in a most natural way - by playing musical games.

Receive personalized, suitable for your kid's age educational games every two weeks. Be sure to include your child's age. 

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