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Starting your child in piano early: 3 main benefits

Benefit #1 - Improved Attention Span 
Would you like to know what we do to extend a toddler's short attention span and, in fact, turn it into an advantage? Click on the button below to read on.

Benefit #2 - Optimized Coordination
All music is movement... and movement is natural for a toddler! Read on to learn how we teach toddlers to follow a beat.

Benefit #3 - Jumpstart Creative Thinking

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"Music Minutes"

Level 1 Online Piano Lessons

for 3 to 5-year old Beginners

"Music Minutes" is a Level 1 Piano program that opens a door into an exciting World of Piano and Music for 3 to 5-year old children.

"Music Minutes" is a 6-month program where young beginners learn the piano keys and play their first piano songs, discover that music is the ocean of different sounds and learn to follow the beat.

Level 1 Program Details

"Piano Time"

Level 2 Online Piano Lessons

for 5 to 8-year old children

"Piano Time" is a Level 2 Piano program where children advance to a Higher Level in Piano as they develop essential piano skills, learn what music is made of, build up performance skills.

At "Piano Time" we teach Music as a Language to grow a Child's emotional & analytical abilities.

Level 2 Program Details

Piano Books for Beginners

It all begins with a spark of curiosity...

For 30+ years of teaching piano to the students of various ages and levels, we haven't met a toddler who wasn't curious to find out who the TUNEimals™ are. 

With the TUNEimals™ children learn piano keys and play their first songs.

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How to Start a Child in Piano

Parents frequently ask these questions:
What is the best age to start a child in piano?

Can a 3-year old learn piano?

How do I teach my toddler piano?

Is my 7-year old too old to learn piano? 

Please, click on the links to find answers. 
If you are curious to learn about one important element that makes a difference, click on the button... 

One Element that Changes Everything

Tuneimals™ Music Education TV

Currently playing - the video series "Dancing Shapes". The Tuneimals™ introduce children to Musical Instruments of different shapes and play beautiful music.

Music Games

for Kids

Young children learn best in a playful environment. It's amazing to watch how fast kids pick up new concepts playing educational games.  

The best known educators & teachers - Maria Montessori, Emile Jaques-Dalcroze, Pyotr Stolyarsky (to name a few) used games to teach important concepts to our youngest.

Build up your child’s natural gifts by playing educational music games. 

Free Music Games Here

Where Do We Grow from Here?

Piano Programs for Intermediate and Advanced Piano Students are Coming Up.

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Build up your child's gifts in a most natural way - by playing musical games.

Receive personalized, suitable for your kid's age educational games every two weeks. Be sure to include your child's age. 

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