Piano for beginners: Piano lessons vs Music Minutes

piano for beginners Jun 01, 2020

by Tanya Fridman, M.Mus.

Dear Parent!

There are two ways of learning piano at the beginning level. 

The first one is to take formal private or group piano lessons with a professional instructor who is experienced in teaching young children. 

The second (and the better) way is to begin building your child's piano & music skills early on in the comfortable home environment. 

Formal lessons are usually scheduled once a week, at a certain time that may not be suitable for your toddler.

Before starting the lessons, you'll need to purchase a piano.   

Also, once a week is a large gap for a young learner to build a skill.

The better, more enjoyable and effective way to learn piano for a 3 to 5-year old is to have regular, short Music Minutes at home.

To learn music fundamentals in a playful atmosphere in a comfort of home is the best starting point for young beginners.

If you don't want to invest in buying a piano, your child can learn piano keys and first piano songs, musical beats and rhythms on a keyboard or a digital piano.

If you are interested in learning about a high quality online music program that'll introduce your toddler to a piano, please check out our "Music Minutes" program for young kids.

Music Minutes is where learning piano/music is fun and adventure. It's level 1 program for young beginners that builds up your child's natural musical gifts and creates a solid foundation for the next step of learning piano.


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