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The best age to start a child in piano

piano for beginners Jul 29, 2020

At Piano Compass we think that a 3-year old is the best age to start a child in piano.  

Your toddler is exploring the world around by touching, crawling, walking, tasting…

This is the best time to put a keyboard in front of your 3 year old and let them explore the World of Sounds!

We don't recommend starting formal piano lessons with a 3-year old.

The best and most effective for a toddler is to start learning piano in the comfort of home, at a time of a day when your 3-year old is active and not tired. 

Include fun, educational music games in your child's daily activities. Enjoy playing the music games inside or outside. Let your whole family join in and have fun playing the games.

To open up a door into a New, Exciting World of Piano & Music for your kid, try for free “Music Minutes”™ - an online music program for 3 to 6-year old children.


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