How to start a child in piano


Author - Tanya Fridman, M.Mus. 

I am frequently asked:

What is the best age to start a child in piano?

Can a 3-year old learn piano? 

How do I teach my toddler piano? 

Is my 7-year old too old to learn piano?


Feeling the pressure of responsibility, parents are afraid to miss the important moment in their baby’s development and never get it back!


Dearest Parent,

Let me lift the weight off your shoulders.

You can introduce your child to music at any age. 

It’s never too early or too late.

In fact, WHEN your kid is introduced to music is not as important as the 


that can ignite the interest in music and keep it strong for life.

This mysterious, crucial element was clearly evident in Mozart’s childhood and unmistakably present in the early lives of all great musicians.

But what if you don’t want your child  to be a professional musician?

This important element would make the introduction to music fun and memorable.

You could learn along with your kid and have many great moments together.

This necessary element is...


Creating a Musical Environment Around your Child

A wisely created Musical Environment ignites interest and provides the support for a lifelong love for music.

The following Roadmap was developed to show you how to create a Musical Environment


and to make every step of the way

EASY, FUN and MEMORABLE for you and your child.

Music program for toddlers

Your Baby and Music

Did you know that around 18 weeks of pregnancy your little one hears their very first sounds...

You can introduce your baby to music before they are born.

Listening to music awakes a baby's musical senses and activates their musical gifts.

  • Listening to your voice as you sing lullabies, calms the baby
  • Playing beautiful, relaxing music helps your baby sleep deeper and longer
  • Turning on cheerful music during a playtime energizes the baby

Taking the baby in your arms and moving along with the musical beat develops baby's natural sense of pulse and rhythm. 

Music and Baby

Your Toddler and Music

Your toddler is exploring the world around by touching, crawling, walking, tasting...

This is the best time to put a keyboard in front of your 2-3 year old and let them explore the World of Sounds!

To spark curiosity, we can turn a keyboard into a Piano Town.

Who lives in a Piano Town?

Kids usually cannot wait to find out... 

Piano Book for Beginners

Your Toddler's First Piano Book

It's Fun to learn piano keys and first piano songs with TUNEimals!

Wouldn't be exciting if your 3-year old played a Happy Birthday Song at the upcoming Family Birthday Party!

Online Music program for kids

Musical Fairy Tales

Music is the ocean of different sounds.

To introduce your toddler to a vast variety of sounds, let's tell them musical fairy tales.

Not sure how to tell a musical fairy tale?

 Let me do it for you...

Your Preschooler

and Music

Your preschooler learns best in a playful environment. Learning and Play go hand in hand at this age.

The well-known educators - Maria Montessori, Emile Jaques-Dalcroze, Pyotr Stolyarsky (to name a few) used games to teach fundamental concepts to our youngest.

This is the best time to enroll your preschooler in a high quality music program.

The "Music Minutes" online program for 3 to 5-year old beginners creates a thriving musical environment where children are excited to learn piano and music fundamentals.

Piano for Toddler

Your School Student

and Music

To develop your child's musical potential, start private lessons with a professional piano teacher. 

If you have a piano at home and see your child's interest in learning piano further, it's time to start private lessons with a professional piano teacher.

  • Coming Soon: Characteristics of a good piano teacher (Please check back later)
  • Watch out & stay away from piano instructors and programs that teach playing piano in the 1st year with only one hand, adding the other hand in a 2nd year
  • Coming Soon: Be aware of the drawbacks of these popular piano methods (Please check back later)
Kids learning piano

Coming Soon: Tunes & Daily Family Routines

Did you know that Musical Tunes can help in setting up daily routines and can make a family life happier...

(Please check back later)

Your Teenager and Music

Your teenager is learning to socialize and anxious to fit in with a group of friends.

Playing in bands, youth orchestras, chamber music groups, piano ensembles will help your child to find friends equally passionate about music.

Encourage your teenager to volunteer and play piano at Senior's residences, hospitals and churches (when the situation allows and will be safe) to learn about the community and our society.

Performing at piano recitals and music festivals can be a huge motivator for a teenager.

Suggestions for Musical Topics to discuss with your teenager

to build a closer bond:

  • Musical Styles 
  • Musical Genres
  • Biographies of Great Composers
  • Going to Concerts together & Listening to Great Performers
Learning Music

Music Minutes Program

Is where Learning Piano is fun and adventure. 

This is Level 1 program for 3 to 5-year old beginners.

More about the program

Piano Time Program

Takes children to the next level of Learning Piano and Music.

This is Level 2 program for 5 to 8-year old kids.

Read more here