Learn to play piano with TUNEimals™


The beginning is the most important in piano learning. 30+ years of teaching piano to the students of various ages and levels confirm how true this is.

Young children learn best in a playful environment. To make the first steps into a Piano World exciting, let's show a child that piano activities are filled with Fun and Adventure.

Piano Book 1 - "Learn to play piano with TUNEimals™"

instantly creates a playful environment. 

In this video 3-year old Sophie builds a Piano Town with the book and easily navigate through a piano keyboard.


are cute educational music toys

that make learning piano & the piano keys easy and fun.  


Meet the TUNEimals™ in Book 1 and in the Video below!


The Book is written in rhymes

to activate a sense of rhythm & structure.
(Above is page 1 of the book.)

Your toddler will play 

a piano song within minutes and learn the first three piano keys 


come with the book. Just print the page, cut the images out and fold. Instantly your kid has ready to use Piano Buddies.

(Above is page 8 of the book)

What parents are saying about the book:


"The Book is fun for both - parents and kids. It's a wonderful bonding time! We enjoyed every single minute of it, being together, learning and creating music". - Elena O.

"We are so excited to use the book! Thank you for creating this wonderful learning experience". - Maria R.



What you'll get: 

  • Downloadable E-book in pdf format
  • Printable images of TUNEimals™ sized to fit the piano keys

"Learn to play piano with TUNEimals™" is a 15-page picture book for a 3 to 6-year old child.

The Book offers the easiest & most fun way to start a toddler in piano.

This is Book 1 in the Piano Beginners Series. It's best combined with Book 2 - "Meet New TUNEimals™".

The Book will save you hundreds a month, and thousands a year in piano lesson fees.

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