Online Piano Lessons for Children

Online Piano Lessons for 3 to 5-year old Beginners

piano lessons for beginners

Music Minutes - Level 1 Piano Program

opens a door for 3 to 5-year old beginners

into an  Exciting World of Piano and Music!

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Learning Piano

Did you know that a 3-year old can start learning piano?

Your toddler is exploring the world around by touching, crawling, walking, tasting…

This is the best time to put a piano keyboard in front of your 3 to 5-year old and let them explore the world of sounds.

The "Music Minutes" program offers a unique way of teaching young beginners piano, piano keys and fun piano songs.

starting in piano

Learning Rhythm &
Musical Beats

Since all music is movement, Rhythm & Pulse are fundamental music elements important to begin learning early on. 

Inside the Music Minutes program children learn to sense, clap, tap music beats and play on a piano/keyboard a variety of musical rhythms.

Sensing and following the beat is a precondition to success in music, dance and sports. 

Discovering Musical Instruments

Music Minutes program introduces children to a wide variety of musical instruments.

Piano is one of the easiest instruments to start playing on, and in the program children learn to play piano or a keyboard.

But it's not all...
Kids will learn about other musical instruments and discover their sounds.  

Learning Music/Piano Fundamentals 

...and hop, tap, jump around, clap your hands.

Movement is natural for a toddler. This is the best time to introduce  Music Fundamentals through movement and lay a solid foundation for the Next Level of Learning Piano & Music. 

Sounds Interesting! I want to try!


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You are welcome to try the program for one week, with no obligation to continue if you feel it's not suitable for your child.

It's a chance to dip your toe in the water before jumping into the program.

Try the Program free for 7 days, $27 a month to continue.

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The Program's Goals

  • to spark an interest in piano and to show that music activities are filled with fun and adventure,
  • to build foundational piano skills early on,
  • to create a thriving musical environment for a child
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Music Minutes are

interactive & engaging

We play active games while learning to distinguish musical sounds. 

The TUNEimals™ help children to learn the piano keys and first piano songs. 

All lessons materials are provided in Downloads section.

"Music Minutes" are appropriately short for a toddler (hence the name). 

Each lesson is divided into 3 or 4 parts that your child can watch & do any time convenient for your family; replay and go over the lessons as many times as needed.   

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Music Minutes is a 6-month program that combines Pre-recorded and regular Live Lessons. 


Watch the Video

where 3-5-year old Music Minutes Students play their favourite piano pieces.


Meet the Instructor 

Tanya is a recognized scholar on music education for children who is passionate about making music a part of the younger generations' lives.

She has been teaching piano to students of all levels and various ages for three decades.

Many of her students have continued learning piano with her for 13-14 years, often starting as toddlers and advancing to become professional musicians.

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The Gallery of Tanya's students

Look at a 4-year old girl in a pink sweater on the left who is clapping her hands during a group lesson...

13 years later, Dora (the girl in the pink sweater) is performing on her piano solo recital in preparation for ARCT Piano Exam.

Online Piano lessons for kids
piano lessons


4-year-old Josiah plays a piano duet with his sister at a class recital. 12 years later Josiah receives an award for outstanding achievements in piano.

kids learning piano
learning music


Joshua began learning piano with Tanya when he was 3-and-a-half-years-old. 9 years later Joshua still enjoys learning piano with Tanya and playing at an advanced level.

The Gallery of students is continued on another page

Please click on the link above to see more of Tanya's students. 

Learning piano