Online Piano Lessons for 5 to 8-year old Children

Piano Time

is a Level 2 Piano Program 

In the program, 5 to 8-year old children advance to a Higher Level in Piano as they...

- develop essential piano skills,

- learn many piano pieces by reading music notes and by ear,

- discover that music has a structure, 

- build up listening and performing skills.


At the Piano Time lessons we teach Music as a language
and grow a child's emotional & analytical abilities.

In the Video, 5-year old Megan, a Piano Time Student, plays her favourite piano piece, after one month in the program.

How Piano Time program works

30-minute Lesson Once a Week 

A child has a pre-recorded 30-minute lesson every week.

Every lesson is divided into 4 parts, that build essential skills in

  1. Reading Music 
  2. Rhythm and Pulse 
  3. Developing Piano Technique  
  4. Learning a New Piano Piece

A child can complete all parts of a lesson in one day or do little by little returning to the lesson a few times in a week.

You can replay the same lesson and go over a new song/exercise as many times as needed. 

Live Lesson Once a Month

In addition to regular pre-recorded lessons every week, Piano Time Students have a Live Lesson at the end of each month. 

At Live Lessons children play their favourite piano pieces. Playing for an audience every month develops their performing skills and builds up confidence.

But it's not all...

At Live Lessons

Educational technology and video images allow us to take a journey into different times of Music History, visit interesting musical places that are tied to lives of famous composers! 
We have Dress-Up Parties where Children learn about Musical Genres and Styles.

In the Video, Tyler, a Piano Time Student plays a Rainbow Song.


Sounds interesting!

I want to try... 

You are welcome to try the "Piano Time" Lessons for one week, with no obligation to continue if you feel the program is not suitable for your child.

It's a chance to dip your toe in the water before jumping into the program.

After the 7-day free trial period, it's $47 a month.

If for any reason you decide to cancel, it can be done easily at any time. 

Join "Piano Time" program here

High Quality Online Piano Lessons,

Well-rounded Piano Education for Children 5 to 8-year old

Sounds great, I'm in!

Meet the Piano Teacher

Tanya Fridman, M.Mus.


Read Tanya's Bio

The Gallery of Tanya's students

Watch in the Video excerpts fom the most recent virtual piano recital. Almost all these students began learning piano with Tanya when they were 4-year old.