Starting your child in piano early: 

3 main benefits


Benefit #1

Improved Attention Span

Benefit #2

Optimized Coordination


Benefit #3 

Jumpstart Creative Thinking

Start your child in piano early
to improve attention span

If you ever felt frustrated with a toddler's short attention span, try these two strategies that we use in Music Minutes to extend our young piano beginners' attention: 

  1. We create interesting for a toddler, age-appropriate piano activities that keep them focused and engaged.
    In the video below, 3-year old Sophie is learning piano keys during her Music Minutes. What surpised her mom is that she was building a piano town on the keys for about 20 minutes without interruptions.

     2. During the Music Minutes lesson, we frequently switch activities to redirect a toddler's attention. We start at a piano, moving on to a floor with rhythm sticks, than we clap and hop around learning to follow a beat before returning back to the piano.

Redirecting a toddler's attention to a new, interesting and exciting musical task allows us to turn their short attention span into an advantage and accomplish a lot during a Music Minutes lesson.

Start your child in piano early to optimize their coordination

All music is movement... and movement is natural for a toddler! That's why the 3 to 5-year old age is the best time to start musical rhythm activities and games.

Learning to sense and follow a beat develops a toddler's coordination, and is essential to success in music, dance and sports.

This simple game our youngest students like very much -
HOP & SAY 1-beat words: sun, moon, tree
OPEN/CLOSE FINGERS into fists & SAY 2-beats words:
bun-ny, mon-key, ki-wi
STOMP YOUR FEET & SAY 3-beats words:
but-ter-fly, straw-ber-ry, e-le-phant

Start your child in piano early to activate creative thinking

As Albert Einstein famously said: "Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world."

Piano songs that we teach at the Music Minutes lessons are often about nature and animals, where children compare piano sounds - low, middle, high - to animals' voices. 

In one of  the piano exercises we "draw" a rainbow above the keys, developing an essential piano technique and building up a child's imagination at the same time.

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