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"Dancing Shapes"

New Video Series

Watch the 1st episode - Dancing Rectangles - below

Learn about a rectangle and musical instruments that have a rectangular shape. Listen to the sounds of these instruments. The TUNEimal™ Alligator plays beautiful music on a piano. Enjoy!


"Dancing Shapes"

Watch the 2nd episode - Dancing Circles - below

Learn about a circle and musical instruments that have a rounded shape. Listen to the sounds of these instruments. The Tuneimal™ Frog tells you a story and plays with its friends beautiful music on many instruments.


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The next episode of the series is Dancing Triangles.

Piano Book 2 for Beginners - 

"Meet New TUNEimals™"

Wouldn't be great if your kid played a "Happy Birthday" Song on the upcoming Family Birthday Party? In Book 2 the TUNEimals™ will teach your child to play a "Happy Birthday" song. 

Preview of Book 2 Coming Soon